Knott's Halloween Haunt - Favorite Memory

Elyse, Frankie, Danielle and I are going to go to Knott's Halloween Haunt tonight. I haven't been for about two years and figured this would be a good year to go. I don't like going every year because it just gets old. I like to go and just pretend/act scared because it makes it a lot more fun.

I would like to hear your favorite memories from a Halloween Haunt! I will start with mine.

First Place:
I will never forget the year, my first time going, I went with a kid named Josh Tobb, we were in a maze that had a Vampire Chick theme and it went into the rocky area by camp snoopy that has the wooden bridges and stuff. We are making our way through the maze and Josh was a little ways up from me and after he turned this one corner a Vampire swung out of who knows-where to cut me off and "scare me." She wasn't letting me pass and just wanted me because I have rare blood. Shortly thereafter I heard a scream from around the corner and Josh was tucked in a ball screaming like a little girl with these HUGE LONG FINGERS dangling over him. The monster looked like a really scary father time. The sight was so funny I just watched and laughed, Josh finally broke free and ran across both of the wooden bridges and was stopped by a worker who told him it wasn't safe to run. Ha, best memory from there by far.

Second Place:
Would have to be the year I went with my lovely girl friend Elyse. She is 5'3" and ALL the monsters would manage to pick on her through out the mazes. I like being her protector and plenty of opportunities to do so. Well there was this one monster who managed to really push my buttons. I cannot remember which maze we were but this guy kept coming out from the wood work and would walk right behind Elyse and try scaring her. A couple times was like okay yea, she hot, you want her, I got her, I take it as a complement. Anyway well he did it like a third or fourth time and I said that's enough of this and yelled at the monster to knock it off and try to sleep with someone else. Okay so I didn't say that but that's what I was thinking. I did say dude knock it off and something else I don't remember. As I am writing this I think Elyse said something like "You don't scare me" and I think that's why he kept coming after her. She is a little spit-fire.

I am really excited about tonight and believe it will be a lot of fun. I will make a fallow-up post of our haunted adventure.


Write that down.


BlondeRox04 said...

I was so glad to have you there as my protector! This time Knotts was soooo scary!!!!! I had a blast the whole time (except when the stupid people cut in line)!!!!!!! I am happy that we were able to go experience the scare and for so cheap too!!!

danielle marie. said...

yeah that night was a blast.
glad we all went.
sorry we couldnt go on the log ride though. i know it was your favorite.

Nick Palermo said...

Naw, its was cool because we watched most of the Hanging, I love that show!